New Homeroom Teacher & Transfer Student (新担任と転校生, Shin Tan'nin to Tenkōsei) is the 2nd chapter of Miniskirt Pirates Volume 1.


Major EventsEdit

  • Kane and Misa go undercover as staff at Hakuoh Academy. Chiaki Kurihara transfers to Marika's class.
  • Agents from various factions convene at Lamp House to keep an eye on Marika. Chiaki thwarts a would-be kidnapper and takes Marika to safety as a firefight ensues.
  • Ririka takes Marika out to a firing range to practice handling guns.


New CharactersEdit




  • Adapted in: Sailing 01 -02

Differences in AdaptationsEdit

  • A few things which were featured in the novel chapter have been left out in the anime, such as the circumstances which put Marika's previous teacher in hospital.




Pg. Chapter Description Notes
67 2 Misa driving with Marika in the back seat after getting on without stopping
121 2 Marika and Mami in maid uniforms, Chiaki in her school uniform
151 2 Marika in her school uniform, firing a gun with protective shades on


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