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Chapter 3
Japanese 中継ステーション
Romaji Chūkei Sutēshon
Translation Relay Station
Volume Volume 1
Arc Recruitment Arc
Previous Chapter 2
Next Chapter 4

Relay Station (中継ステーション, Chūkei Sutēshon) is the 3rd chapter of Miniskirt Pirates Volume 1.


Major EventsEdit

  • With Kane as their new advisor, the Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club take a trip to the Sea of the Morning Star Relay Station to inspect and prepare the Odette II for a practice cruise later in the year.
  • While Marika and Chiaki are on watch, the Odette II comes under electronic attack and Marika triggers the ship's Electronic Warfare system to fight back, though the dock's breaker trips before it completely fends them off.





  • Adapted in: Sailing 02 - 03




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