The Two Hakuchous (二隻の白鳥号 [1], Niseki no Hakuchō-gō) is the tenth volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.

The Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club are out in space once again with the main purpose of the practice cruise involving a certain booster. However in the middle of their work, another ship suddenly appears in front of their ship, the Odette II...the Odette II! Crossing paths with the former club president again, the yacht club's trip turns into an inconceivable incident. Will Marika and her friends make it home on time? [2]


Chapter 1: Odette II Registration Change (オデットII世登記変更, Odetto Nisei-gō Tōki Henkō), Pg.009
Chapter 2: War of Independence Report (独立戦争レポート, Dokuritsu Sensō Repōto), Pg.036
Chapter 3: The Second Solar Sailer (二隻目の太陽帆船, Niseki-me no Taiyō Hansen), Pg.064
Chapter 4: Currently, It's the War of Independence (現在、独立戦争中, Genzai, Dokuritsu Sensō-chū), Pg.101
Chapter 5: Liberty-class Intelligence Ship (リバティ級情報収集船, Ribati-kyū Jōhō Shūshū-sen), Pg.131
Chapter 6: The Disappearing Intelligence Ship (消えた情報収集船, Kieta Jōhō Shūshū-sen), Pg.165
Chapter 7: The Wave Above the Ecliptic Plane (黄道面上波高し, Kōdō Menjō-ha Takashi), Pg.206
Chapter 8: Pirate Ship, Odette II (海賊船オデットII世, Kaizoku-sen Odetto Nisei-gō), Pg.231
Afterword, Pg.284



Pg. Chapter Description Notes
29 1 Jenny in business suit greeting Lynn in school uniform
59 2 Marika & Gruier in school uniform, with Gruier carrying a load of books.
103 4 Ai at the steering wheel of Odette II with Marika and Lynn in the background.
125 4 Jenny & Ai
151 5 Christie & Miki
183 6 Marika in bed, holding a clock.

Character IntroductionEdit


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