Mouretsu Time Pirates is the eleventh volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series, released in February 2014.

The Bentenmaru suddenly goes missing, prompting Marika, Jenny and Chiaki to head out once again with the yacht club on the Odette II. Meanwhile Jenny Dolittle performs a behind-the-scenes investigation and a certain secret from the end of the War of Independence emerges.

With the help of Barbaroosa, Marika retrieves a capsule released by Bentenmaru, dated 120 years ago, containing interesting information, which leads them to Garnet A, where they find a second capsule, containing coordinates pointing towards a space-time anomaly near Garnet A.

Publisher's SummaryEdit


Chapter 1: Tau Star spatial anomaly (たう星空間異常, Tau hoshi kūkan ijō)
Chapter 2: The Disappeared Bentenmaru (消えた弁天丸, Kieta Bentenmaru)
Chapter 3: Odette II, Set Sail (オデットII世、出航, Odetto II yo, shukkō)
Chapter 4: Getting ready for battle (戦闘準備, Sentō Junbi)
Chapter 5: Mysterious Unidentified Ship (謎の未確認船, Nazo no Mikakunin-sen)
Chapter 6: Final battle! Garnet A (決戦!ガーネットA, Kessen! Gānetto A)


Pg. Chapter Description Notes
23 1 Jenny in shorts and a short, sleeveless top Jenny visiting her professor, Athena's house.
63 2 Marika and Chiaki watching the message in the capsule, from Captain Marika Sent from the past by a future Marika
89 2 Marika in school uniform with the yacht club girls (including Chiaki and Gruier) behind her Explaining the situation about going to the past.
97 3 Marika in a spacesuit, with a cascade of boxes floating behind her Passing through the mess created from their speedy departure.

Character IntroductionEdit


  1. 7netshopping (Japanese)

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