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Miniskirt Pirates Volume 12
Japanese モーレツ終戦工作
Romaji Mōretsu Shūsen Kōsaku
Translation Mouretsu War Ending Work
Original Release Date 20th August 2014 [1][2]
ISBN Numbers 978-4-02-276013-5
Number of Pages 279
Arc War of Independence Arc
Cover Character(s) Marika Kato
Previous Miniskirt Pirates Volume 11
Next N/A
Volume List

Mouretsu Shuusen Kousaku (モーレツ終戦工作, Mōretsu Shūsen Kōsaku) is the twelfth volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series, originally set to be released in July 2014 but delayed to August 2014.[2]

Publisher's SummaryEdit


Chapter 1: Six Days Ago (六日前), pg.09
Chapter 2: Five Days Ago (五日前), pg.52
Chapter 3: Four Days Ago (四日前), pg.90
Chapter 4: Three Days Ago (三日前), pg.129
Chapter 5: Two Days Ago (二日前), pg.164
Chapter 6: One Day Ago (一日前), pg.216
Chapter 7: End of the War (終戦, Shūsen), pg.268
Afterword: pg.270



Pg. Chapter Description Notes
33 1 Marika and Lynn Asking if Lynn can prevent the Empire troops getting more than what they asked for.
47 1 Coorie eating a biscuit, Misa in a bikini and shorts Searching for the formal protocol of the Galactic Empire against an uncontacted civilisation.
83 2 Marika and Chiaki Discussing strategical planning
93 2 Captain Marika and Gruier in suit Visiting the Empire Bank
113 3 Captain Marika pointing dramatically Declaring war upon the Galatic Empire
219 4 Captain Marika, Chiaki (looking alarmed) and Jenny observing the massive fleet

Character IntroductionEdit



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