The Golden Ghost Ship (黄金の幽霊船, Ougon no Yureisen) is the second volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Working on both high school life and starting being the captain of the space pirate ship Bentenmaru, Marika received a request from a stowaway on Bentenmaru, the princess of the Serenity Royal Family, begging her to find the Golden Ghost Ship. What secret is hidden within the gigantic archaic migrant ship from the founding of the Royal family, which disappeared afterwards with various sightings? Second hit of the light novel series!


Chapter 1: Stowaway (密航者, Mikkō-sha), pg.007
Chapter 2: Transfer Student (転校生, Tenkōsei), pg.039
Chapter 3: Pirate Princess (海賊王女, Kaizoku Ōjo), pg.062
Chapter 4: Ghost Route (幽靈航路, Yūrei Kōro), pg.093
Chapter 5: The 18th Investigation Team (第一八次調查団, Dai Ichi Hachi-ji Chōsa-dan), pg.135
Chapter 6: The Ghost Ship of Storms (嵐の幽靈船, Arashi no Yūrei-sen), pg.164
Chapter 7: Contact (接触, Sesshoku), pg.194
Chapter 8: Golden Ghost Ship (黃金の幽靈船), pg.234
Chapter 9: The Sleeping Beauty on the Ghost Ship (幽靈船の眠り姫, Yūrei-sen no Nemuri Hime), pg.277
Afterword, pg.316



Pg. Chapter Description Notes
27 1 Marika in captain's uniform, Gruier in princess dress
81 3 Marika & Gruier in school uniform, with the back of Yotof's head
115 4 Marika, Ririka, Kane, Misa and several other crewmembers
181 6 Marika in captain's uniform, Gruier in princess dress
261 8 Marika & Gruier in spacesuits


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