Stowaway (密航者, Mikkō-sha) is the 1st chapter of Miniskirt Pirates Volume 2.


Major EventsEdit

  • Following a raid on the passenger liner Symphony Angel, the Bentenmaru crew discover they have a stowaway, Princess Gruier Serenity.
  • Gruier asks for Marika and the Bentenmaru's help in locating the Golden Ghost Ship.


New CharactersEdit




Differences in AdaptationsEdit

  • Tex Avery and Burigado‎ are not present in the anime or manga adaptations [1][2][3][4].
  • Gruier reveals her usage of Gonzaemon's ID ring during her initial meeting with Marika in the novel and the web-manga, while the anime has her first mention it after the end of the events surrounding Golden Ghost Ship [5][6][4].
  • Show's name is only mentioned in conversation in the novel [7].
  • In the web-manga adaptation, Chiaki Kurihara and the Barbaroosa crew are present during Marika's initial meeting with Gruier [3][4].
  • Gruier is in disguise after stowing away in the web-manga [3][4], while she is in her princess dress in the novel and anime [2].




Pg. Description Notes
027 Marika in captain's uniform, Gruier in princess dress Marika meeting Gruier in person on the bridge


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