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Chapter 1
Japanese 密航者
Romaji Mikkō-sha
Translation Stowaway
Volume Volume 2
Arc Golden Ghost Ship Arc
Previous Volume 1, Epilogue
Next Chapter 2

Stowaway (密航者, Mikkō-sha) is the 1st chapter of Miniskirt Pirates Volume 2.


Major EventsEdit

  • Following a raid on the passenger liner Symphony Angel, the Bentenmaru crew discover they have a stowaway, Princess Gruier Serenity.
  • Gruier asks for Marika and the Bentenmaru's help in locating the Golden Ghost Ship.


New CharactersEdit




Differences in AdaptationsEdit

  • Tex Avery and Burigado‎ are not present in the anime or manga adaptations [1][2][3][4].
  • Gruier reveals her usage of Gonzaemon's ID ring during her initial meeting with Marika in the novel, while the anime has her first mention it after the end of the events surrounding Golden Ghost Ship [5][6].
  • Show's name is only mentioned in conversation in the novel [7].
  • In the web-manga adaptation, Chiaki Kurihara and the Barbaroosa crew are present during Marika's initial meeting with Gruier [3][4].




Pg. Description Notes
027 Marika in captain's uniform, Gruier in princess dress Marika meeting Gruier in person on the bridge


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