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Pirate Princess (海賊王女, Kaizoku Ōjo) is the 3rd chapter of Miniskirt Pirates Volume 2.


Major EventsEdit

  • After stopping a clash between Serenity forces entering the Tau Ceti system, Marika and Gruier receive the royal information on the Golden Ghost Ship that Gruier requested from Yotof Sif Sideux and Catherine.


New CharactersEdit




Differences in AdaptationsEdit

  • In the novel and web-manga, Marika is just wearing her school uniform during the meeting with Yotof. In the anime, she is wearing her captain's uniform [1].
  • In the web-manga, the encounter with the Serenity forces occurs at Hakuoh Academy with Chiaki also present, and Schnitzer and Yotof have a brief fight before Gruier clears up the misunderstanding [2][3].




Pg. Description Notes
081 Marika & Gruier in school uniform, with the back of Yotof's head Yotof delivers the information package to Gruier and Marika


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