Cosplay Apprentice Pirates (コスプレ見習海賊, Kosupure Minarai Kaizoku) is the third volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

A cat-monkey which was infected with a pathogen escaped from its bio-container when Bentenmaru was transfering it to a hospital ship - all of the crew members except Marika caught a transmittal disease and had to be quarantined. If no pirate activies are performed in a month, the Letter of Marque will be rendered invalid. At the peak of her frustration, Marika recruited the members of the Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club to perform the pirate activities on Bentenmaru. The light novel series' third hit, with a girls pirate legion wreaking havoc in space.


Prologue, pg.007
Chapter 1: The First Class Quarantine System (第一級防疫体制), pg.017
Chapter 2: Recruiting Pirate Ship Members (海賊船乗員徵募), pg.043
Chapter 3: Practice Sail Boat, Set Sail (練習帆船、出港, Renshū Hansen, Shukkō), pg.079
Chapter 4: Practice Pirate Ship (練習海賊船, Renshū Kaizoku-sen), pg.168
Chapter 5: Apprentice Pirate Ship (実習海賊船, Jisshū Kaizoku-sen), pg.201
Afterword, pg.282



Pg. Chapter Description Notes
13 Pr Cosplay pirates
67 2 Marika & Gruier in business suits
107 3 Marika & her schoolmates in spacesuits on a small shuttle
157 3 Marika & her schoolmates in spacesuits, on Bentenmaru bridge, with Chiaki, Gruier and Lynn recognizable.
185 4 Marika in captain's uniform with her schoolmates in school uniform.
249 5 Lynn as a knight embracing Jenny, in her wedding gown.


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