The Jet-Black Shipwreck [verification required] (漆黒の難破船, Urushi Kuro no Nanbasen) is the fourth volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Once having faced a suzerain that might used the ultimate destructive weapon, the Stellar Slayer, the thought-to-be-lost pirate ship Kokuchou sent out a distress signal to its consort ships at the time, Bentenmaru and the ex-Hakuchou, Odette II. The SOS signal that reached after 120 years from outside the star system - what does it mean? Adventure begins for Marika who chased after the riddle. The light novel series that has been decided to have an anime, the written 4th hit.


Prologue, pg.009
Chapter 1: The Distress Signal from the Past (過去からの救難信号, Kako Kara no Kyūnan Shingō), pg.013
Chapter 2: Pirate Ship Thief (海賊船泥棒, Kaizoku-sen Dorobō), pg.079
Chapter 3: Pitch Black Wrecked Ship (漆黑の難破船), pg.173
Afterword, pg.247


Pg. Chapter Description Notes
31 1 Marika & Gruier in school uniforms, at the Odette II's docking bay.
87 2 Lynn, Marika & Gruier in school uniforms, against Jackie.
133 2 Marika & Gruier in business suits, both with glasses.
179 3 Jackie (from front and back) in Luna Lion, with Lynn, Marika & Gruier in spacesuits in the Silent Whisper.


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