The Silver Rescue Ship (白銀の救難船, Hakugin no Kyūnansen) is the fifth volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Using a fake Kokuchou as a decoy and threatening with a Stellar Slayer in order to obtain the ex-Hakuchou, the present Odette II - what is the real intent of the enemy!? The Bentenmaru under the command of Marika went to the airspace of the red giant, cooperating with the Stellar Alliance and Imperial Fleet, with her mother Ririka, onboard Odette II as a decoy. The new and old captains, mother and girl, started their gorgeous cooperation battle. The light novel series with its anime in production, written 5th hit.


Chapter 1: Red Giant Garnet A (赤色巨星ガーネットA), pg.009
Chapter 2: Pirate Against Rebels (海賊対反乱軍, Kaizoku Tai Hanran-gun), pg.068
Chapter 3: The Great Operation of the Escape Fraud (脱走詐欺師の大作戦), pg.103
Chapter 4: Face Down on Top of the Red Giant (赤色巨星直上決戦), pg.177
Afterword, pg.241



Pg. Chapter Description Notes
29 1 Ririka, Hyakume, Lynn and Gruier.
71 2 Jackie
135 3 Marika, Chiaki, Misa, Coorie and Kenjo, in their own respective formal "pirate wear" (except Coorie).
167 3 Kenjo and Chiaki (from the back), Marika & Gruier in school uniforms, and Jackie, at the dinning table on the Barbaroosa.
185 4 Misa with the Barbaroosa troops in battle gear.


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