The Crimson Pirate Ship (真紅の海賊船, Shinku no Kaizoku-sen) is the sixth volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The control station of the Stellar Slayer warped to the frontier of the Seven Star, with the docked Odette II. In order to save her yacht club friends and mother Ririka, Marika chased with Bentenmaru. The one waiting for them is the prominent figure of the Pirate Guild, the female frontier pirate Muller. From the appearance of the pitch black ghost ship Kokuchou as the trigger, the action surrounding the Stellar Slayer ends here. The 6th hit of the light novel series of which an anime is being produced.


Chapter 1: Pirates of the Border Star District (辺境星区の海賊), pg.009
Chapter 2: Escape Operation from Meiya (明夜脱出作戦, Myōya Dasshutsu Sakusen), pg.068
Chapter 3: Showdown at the Boundary (境界決戦, Kyōkai Kessen), pg.191
Afterword, pg.249



Pg. Chapter Description Notes
33 1 Ririka, Muller and Jackie
83 2 Marika, Ririka, Gruier and Kane on small truck in Meiya.
99 2 Marika, Ririka, Gruier and Cayenne Gear, with school girls in the background.
185 2 Muller VS Kenjo, who is on the Barbaroosa bridge with the back of a crew member with helmet visible.
225 3 Hyakume, Marika, Schnitzer and Coorie.


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