The Pale Skull Star [verification required] (蒼白の髑髏星, Sōhaku no Skullstar) is the seventh volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Bentenmaru, along with two pirate ships, that got the best results with the combat simulation with the 5th Imperial Fleet, were requested by the Imperial Intelligence Department to perform an infiltration of the secret base of the frontier pirates, the Skull Star. Having received an invitation from the frontier pirate guild they fought with after the Stellar Slayer incident, Marika decided to first infiltrate by herself with Coorie and Nash, the Imperial Intellegence agent, and headed for the Skull Star.

Anime decided to start in Janurary 2012, 7th hit of the light novel series!


Chapter 1: The Man from Intelligence Department (情報部から来た男, Jōhō-bu Kara Kita Otoko), pg.009
Chapter 2: The High Waves of the Boundary Star District (辺境星区、波高し), pg.071
Chapter 3: The Harbour of the Right Eye of the Skull (髑髏の右眼の港, Dokuro no Migime no Minato), pg.124
Chapter 4: Officer and Pirates (士官と海賊, Shikan to Kaizoku), pg.168
Afterword, pg.216



Pg. Chapter Description Notes
33 1 Coorie and Nash
81 2 Marika, Gruier and Nash on the Silent Whisper.
127 3 Marika at the Skull Star
149 3 Marika, Coorie, Gruier and Nash in Skull Star's dock.

Character IntroductionEdit


  • Though the art style had been slowly shifting in the volumes beforehand, Volume 7 marks a notable shift in the novels' art style and a change in several character designs, making them slightly closer to the anime versions.


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