The Purple War-Witch [verification required] (紫紺の戦魔女, Sikon no Ikusamajyo) is the eighth volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit


Chapter 1: Princess's Ransom (王女の身代金, Ōjo no Minoshirokin), pg.009
Chapter 2: Bounty Hunter Witch (賞金稼ぎの魔女, Shōkin Kasegi no Majo), pg.085
Chapter 3: Admiral's Heritage (提督の遺產, Teitoku no Noko), pg.125
Chapter 4: Ruin's Thief (遺跡泥棒, Iseki Dorobō), pg.183
Chapter 5: Scammer VS Pirates (詐欺師対海賊, Sagi-shi tai Kaizoku), pg.234
Afterword, pg.282


Pg. Chapter Description Notes
25 Gruier in school uniform with a jacket
75 Noel with a class 12 gun.
143 Marika, Lynn and Gruier in school uniforms with Oyaji-san around small table. The picture is slightly inaccurate as Misa and Ririka should also be present.
179 Marika, Lynn and Gruier in school uniform and ready to do some exploring.
217 Marika, Lynn and Gruier meeting Jackie underground.


Character IntroductionEdit


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