The License to Lawless [verification required](無法の御免状, Muhō no Licence) is the ninth volume of the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Marika and her crew save a transport ship from a mysterious attacker, but before they know it, the Bentenmaru has been declared the culprit. They're even on the "Wanted Poster" list. The Bentenmaru's greatest crisis is now!


Chapter 1: The Distress Call from the Darkness (闇からの救難信号, Yami Kara no Kyūnan Shingō), pg.009
Chapter 2: Order to Capture the Bentenmaru (弁天丸捕獲命令, Bentenmaru Hokaku Meirei), pg.035
Chapter 3: Prisoners of Serenity (セレニティの虜因), pg.061
Chapter 4: Bentenmaru Cruise Directive (弁天丸回航指令, Bentenmaru Kaikō Shirei), pg.092
Chapter 5: Port Seruna, Imperial Fleet Base (ポルト・セルーナ帝国艦隊基地, Poruto Serūna Teikoku Kantai Kichi), pg.119
Chapter 6: Naval Port City (軍港都市, Gunkō Toshi), pg.147
Chapter 7: Intelligence Forefront (諜報最前線, Chōhō Saizensen), pg.173
Chapter 8: The Barbaroosa's Sinking (バルバルーサ沈没, Barubarūsa Chinbotsu), pg.221
Afterword, pg.276



Pg. Chapter Description Notes
33 1 Bentenmaru and Marika in captain's uniform.
65 3 Marika in her captain's uniform with her hat in her hands, Grunhilde in military uniform, Gruier in school uniform.
95 4 Chiaki in an evening gown, launching a round-kick
105 4 Coorie with thick glasses on, Marika in captain's uniform.
157 6 Marika & Chiaki in business suits with two people behind them, one possibly Schnitzer

Character IntroductionEdit


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