This is a list of minor locations, appearing in the Miniskirt Pirates/Mouretsu Pirates series, which currently don't have articles of their own.

Planetary LocationsEdit

  • South Alicia (南アリシア, Minami Arishia): A region on the Sea of the Morning Star, known to produce a tea blend referred to by the same name [1][2].

Stellar LocationsEdit

  • Arnold Junction: A stellar route, which Gruier Serenity and Jenny Dolittle attended the opening ceremony for [3].
  • Belmont star system (ベルモント星系, Berumonto Seikei) [4]
  • Desugo star system (ですごー デスゴー星系, Desugō Seikei) [4]
  • Fosu star system (フォス星系, Fosu Seikei) [4]
  • The Ganbart star system (ガンバルト星系, Ganbaruto Seikei) is a star system with at least 7 planets, with the 3rd and 4th in the habitable zone and an asteroid belt beyond 7th. The HQ for the 5th Imperial Fleet was located at the Lagrange Point between the 3rd planet and its moon 120 years ago [5].
  • Hawkings star system: A star system where the comet Hrbek Oda, resting place of Professor Mugen's legacy, is located [6][7][8][9].
  • Mira star system (ミラ星系, Mira Seikei): A star system which Kanata Mugen comes from [6]. The Mira Stellar Forces include Rhincodon-class and HH-class warships among their fleet [6].
  • Minerva D
  • Mithril 30 (ミスリル30, Misuriru 30): A port of call for cruise liners on their route through the west galactic corridor [10].
  • Norokku star system (ノーロック星系, Nōrokku Seikei) [4]
  • Ryuiten star system (リュイテン星系, Ryuiten Seikei) A developing star system in the vicinity of Garnet A [11]
  • Pirate's Route (海賊航路, Kaizoku Kōro): A route located outside the western galactic corridor, known as such due to pirate activity [12][13][14].
  • Port of Orion: A location where the Bisque Company are known to hang around [15].



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