This is a list of minor terms (excluding characters, ships and locations), appearing in the Miniskirt Pirates/Mouretsu Pirates series, which currently don't have articles of their own, but have enough information for an entry beyond the Glossary.

Organizations and FactionsEdit

  • Arc Mist (アークミスト, Ākumisuto): Spaceship manufacturing company responsible for the production of the Rhincodon-class and HH-class [1][2].
  • Arcura (アルキュラ, Arukyura): A large private military company with a fleet various warships, including battleships, mobile cruisers and assault ships. They cooperated with the San Viento fleet in a plan to attack the Skull Star and their forces fought the Chimaera of Skylla but were defeated [3].
  • Galactic Electronics (ギャラクティック・エレクトロニクス, Gyarakutikku Erekutoronikusu): A renowned electronics company [4].
  • Gens Family: A criminal group operating at the Skull Star, involved in illegal human trafficking [5].
  • Human Torch (ヒューマントーチ, Hyūmantōchi): A Galactic Empire corporation who produced a realistic android intended for infiltration purposes, a one-off model likely meant for a Stellar Military operation [6]. An android of this type, disguised as Luca, was used by Quartz Christie to spy on the Bentenmaru [7][6].


  • Gravity Control (重力制御, Jūryoku Seigyo): A technology which manipulates gravity around a vessel, allowing the ship to perform rapid zigzagging movements [8]. The prototype mobile battleship Grand Cross makes use of this technology [8].
  • Mechanical Display (メカニカル・ディスプレイ, Mekanikaru Disupurei): A display consisting of a gear, crank and mechanical pixels [9][10].
  • Nanomachines (ナノマシン, Nanomashin): Microscopic machines that carry out a task requiring actions at a microscopic scale or where normal-sized machines cannot reach, such as within a person's blood stream.
  • Powered Suit (パワードスーツ, Pawādosūtsu): A mechanical suit which is worn to support the wearer, usually boosting their strength and endurance [11].
  • Solar Sail (太陽帆, Taiyō-han, alt. ソーラーセール, Sōrāsēru): A sail which is used to propel spaceships, such as the Odette II, on solar winds [12]. Ships that primarily use solar sails for proulsion are referred to as solar sailers (太陽帆船, Taiyō Hansen) [13]. Solar sails can be adjusted in order to reflect different amounts of radiation that fall on them [14].
  • Thruster (スラスタ, Surasuta): A small emission device used by spacecraft and spacewalkers to make accurate movements in space.


  • ArmaLite armour-penetrating beam gun: A handheld beam gun, which Ririka Kato used to use for pirating work and Marika used for firearms practice [13][15].
  • Flash Dellinger (フラッシュ・デリンジャー, Furasshu Derinjā): A small beam gun used for self-defence [16].
  • Jormungand (ヨルムンガンド, Yorumungando) is a ship-to-ship missile, one of the many weapons illegally sold to Theodore Coolph by Robert Dolittle [11].
  • Phaser Arrow (フェイザー・アロー, Feizā Arō) is one of the many weapons illegally sold to Theodore Coolph by Robert Dolittle [11].
  • Shout Blue (シャウトブルー, Shautoburū) is one of the many weapons illegally sold to Theodore Coolph by Robert Dolittle [11].


  • GNN: A galactic television news program [17].
  • Lagrange Point (ラグランジュ点, Raguranju-ten): A point between two or more celestial bodies where the gravitational forces acting from those bodies at the point are equal. Lagrangian Points are often used as sites for space stations.
  • Quarantine: A procedure which is used to prevent infectious diseases from spreading. It involves isolating infected individuals and environments from coming into contact with uninfected ones for a certain period of time [18].
  • Solar Flare (太陽フレア, Taiyō Furea): Also known as a coronal mass ejection, an ejection of matter from a sun. Solar flares and other forms of solar activity can cause disturbances in the atmospheres of planets orbiting the sun - one common sign of such activity is an aurora [19].
  • Terraforming: A process involving the deliberate alteration of planet's environment, usually to make it habitable for colonization [20][1].
  • UTTP: An application protocol used for addresses and links on online networks, similar to HTTP [7].


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