Mira Grant (マイラ・グラント, Maira Guranto) is the sister of Müller Grant and a fellow pirate.


Mira's appearance is similar to Müller, to a point where at a glance Marika thought she was Müller. She has long silver hair. She is relatively short in height. Her personal colour of choice is pink instead of Müller's crimson, as shown on the colour of her ship and the dress she wears when she met Marika's group on the dock of Skull Star [1].

Personality & CharacterEdit

Unlike her sister, Mira is quite cheerful [1].


Like her sister, Mira has been active as a pirate and with a bounty on her head for quite some considerable time. She has a very different work style though, her surface job is working on her Love Ship, a.k.a. prostitution ship, Queen of Love, but her real job is gathering intelligence. She is likely quite highly ranked in the Pirate Guild, since she was the one sending out the meeting notice to Silent Whisper [1].


Skull Star Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

She was saved by Silent Whisper from 3 warships and returned to Skull Star with Chimaera of Skylla and Silent Whisper. She then gave her name card to Marika, and invited Marika to work for her. After Nash boarded Skylla, Marika, Coorie and Gruier went to the Queen of Love and asked Mira the location of Skylla, where Mira was holding an annual Thank You party and asked the three for help. The people participating the party seems to be quite different from people that will appear on a love ship, including ambassadors and military commanders of various frontier nations. After the three helped on the party for a while, Mira gave the three the location of Skylla where Müller is fighting off some ships that wanted to attack Skull Star. After they witnessed the battle and is back to Skull Star, Mira sent out notices of the next Pirate Guild meeting to Silent Whisper [1].

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

She is able to control the flow of a big party without getting too close to any groups of people [1].


She has rather good relationships with most of the characters in contact with her. However, she is wanted in 3 star systems [1].




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