The Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace Drama CD, titled Dear, Mr. Kanata (拝啓、彼方さま, Haikei, Kanata-sama) is an audio drama which was released as a promotional gift at the film's Video Master Edition screenings and was included in the Limited Edition release of Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace on November 26th 2014 [1][2].


After resolving the incident concerning Professor Mugen's legacy and Yggdrasil, things have returned to that of typical everyday life. Arriving at the club room, Marika finds that a letter has arrived for the yacht club, apparently from Kanata. With some prompting from the others, a somewhat restless Grunhilde reads the letter out...




  • As with the OST Audio Dramas, various sound effects (such as doors opening) are also done by the characters [3][4][5].


# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Shin Okuhama-shi [6] 00.00 The letter
2 Chiaki Kurihara [6] A nervous Grunhilde
3 Unverified Track Coaxing Grunhilde to read the letter out
4 Unverified Track Kanata's message
5 Kakemochi Marika [7] Bawling
6 Nodoka na Nichijou [6] Afterwards, Grunhilde confused
7 Unverified Track Reading again
8 Kakemochi Marika [7] Bawling again
9 Marika to Mami [6] Discussing about Grunhilde and Kanata
10 Hen dakedo Nichijou [6] Chiaki's thoughts
11 Hibi Heion [6] A letter for Grunhilde
12 Unverified Track Ending Song


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