Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace Manga Chapter 4 is the 4th chapter of the manga adaptation of the film Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace.


At New Okuhama Airport, after leaving a phone after being unable to make a call, Chiaki catches a taxi. Waking from a dream of subspace and his father's words, Kanata finds himself in a bed in the Serenity Guest House. He is then startled to find Marika sleeping next to him and falls out of bed in panic. As Marika wakes and Flint squawks, Gruier comes to see them.

A little later, Kanata joins Marika, Gruier and Grunhilde for breakfast. Marika introduces the two princesses to him and she introduces him to them as Professor Mugen's son. Kanata asks Marika whether she really knew his father and Marika explains that it was not actually her but her father who accepted Professor Mugen's request. Professor Mugen had told Gonzaemon that someday he may disappear and when that time came, he was to help Kanata make his choice for the future.

Marika talks with Kanata about how she became a space pirate after her father's death. She mentions how both of them had fathers who died in a far-off place in space, leaving behind their legacies and having made a promise unknown to the two of them. Marika asks whether it isn't interesting, but Kanata considers it selfishness, muttering about how people do things without asking.

Arriving at the Kato House, Chiaki is shocked to see that it is heavily damaged.

Major EventsEdit

  • Kanata wakes to find himself with Marika at the Serenity princess's residence on the Sea of the Morning Star.
  • The circumstances regarding Professor Mugen's task for the Bentenmaru, accepted by Captain Gonzaemon, are elaborated on.
  • Chiaki arrives at the Kato House and finds it heavily damaged.


New CharactersEdit


New ShipsEdit



  • The order of events in the manga's version of the story differs from the film's in this chapter, with Chiaki's arrival on the Sea of the Morning Star and Marika's home being featured earlier [1].
  • The Great Depth XIII wasn't featured in Kanata's dream in the movie [1].


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