Mouretsu Pirates OST Audio Drama 1, titled Tell Me, Misa-sensei (教えて、ミーサ先生, Oshiete, Misa-sensei), is an audio drama which was released together with the first original soundtrack for Mouretsu Pirates.


While working at Hakuoh Academy as a school nurse, Misa gives advice to students who come to see her, despite it being a bothersome job.



  • Various sound effects (such as doors opening) are voiced by the characters, a trend which will continue through subsequent audio dramas.


# Title Time Scene & Notes
1 Nodoka na Nichijou [1] 00.06 Misa in a tiresome job
2 Unverified Track 01.02 Mami comes in
3 Chiaki Kurihara [1] 02.54 Mami's worries
4 Hen dakedo Nichijou [1] 04.54 Misa's answer
5 Otona no Kaiwa [2] 06.22 Chiaki comes in
6 Gakuen no Hibi [1] 08.00 Talking with Chiaki
7 Kakemochi Marika [3] 10.29 Marika wants to know what Misa's done to Mami
8 Hibi Heion 12.25 Misa's advice to Marika and the end of Misa's working day


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