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Beware: There be unmarked spoilers ahead!

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Yacht Club (Opening)
The Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club is a club at Hakuoh Academy which Marika is a member of. It's activities primarily involve sailing space yachts, from dinghies to solar sailers. As well as possessing dinghy training simulators, the yacht club also uses the Odette II, formerly the Hakuchou of the Original Seven, for practice cruises around the Tau Ceti system (and sometimes further). Jenny Dolittle was the president of the yacht club in Marika's first year at Hakuoh, followed by Lynn Lambretta.

Since learning of Marika's pirate heritage and facing an enemy targeting her during their practice cruise, the yacht club have been involved in quite a few of the incidents that Marika has faced as a pirate captain, even substituting for her crew at one point. Though generally fairly relaxed and easy going, the yacht club's members are quite skilled at what they do and will eagerly help one another should they face trouble, rising to the challenges they face. Many of the yacht club's members have interesting backgrounds, including an heiress, a hacker, a talented pilot, two princesses, and of course, a pirate captain.

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  • Light Novels: Currently at Volume 12.
  • Anime: First season concluded. Movie theatrical run concluded.
  • Manga: First manga concluded at Chapter 6. Movie-based manga concluded at Chapter 10 and Volume 2.

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Movie Countdown

Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace is now released on Blu-Ray & DVD in Japan. Video Master Edition theatrical screening concluded.


How would you rate Abyss of Hyperspace, out of 10?

The poll was created at 11:12 on November 15, 2014, and so far 21 people voted.
If you were in the same position as Marika at the start of the series, when she was given the choice to become a space pirate captain while still a high-school student, do you think you would make the same decision she did?

The poll was created at 14:03 on February 7, 2015, and so far 6 people voted.
Do you think that the original Miniskirt Pirates novels should be translated?

The poll was created at 14:18 on February 7, 2015, and so far 8 people voted.

Which do you think needs the most attention on this wiki at the moment?

The poll was created at 16:56 on July 8, 2014, and so far 4 people voted.
Is the current episode-to-arc structure on the wiki satisfactory?

The poll was created at 15:24 on October 3, 2014, and so far 1 people voted.
Which arc status indication do you prefer on the arc summaries in articles?

The poll was created at 15:43 on October 23, 2014, and so far 1 people voted.

Poll Results

Which is your favourite pirate captain in the anime (besides Marika)?

  • Kenjo Kurihara (Barbaroosa): 7
  • Ironbeard (Parabellum): 4
  • Quartz Christie (Grand Cross): 0
  • Stone (Big Catch): 0
  • Kachua (Viracocha): 3
  • Ben Witherspoon (El Santo): 0
  • Master Dragon (Shangri-La): 0
  • Eight (Low of War): 0
  • Nine (Dark Star): 0
  • Ten (Love Machine): 0
  • Koja (Lucky Star): 0
  • Sumi Kuki (Murakamimaru): 0
  • Hammer Khan (Back Slash): 0
  • Genesis Kid (Hakugin Go): 0
  • John (Southern Island): 0
  • Silver Fox's captain: 0
  • Total: 14

Which is your favourite out of the five main characters appearing in the anime's ending credits?

  • Marika Kato: 6
  • Chiaki Kurihara: 5
  • Mami Endo: 2
  • Gruier Serenity: 0
  • Grunhilde Serenity: 1
  • Total: 14

Did You Know...

  • Bentenmaru Captain's ID Ring
    ...that in the novels and manga, Gruier revealed her use of Gonzaemon's ID ring not long after she met Marika, rather than after the search for the Golden Ghost Ship?
  • ...that Jenny Dolittle and her father were much lower in their family/company hierarchy in the novels than the anime?
  • ...that the real-life Tau Ceti has been discovered to have several planets in orbit around it, one of which is in the habitable zone?

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