The Mouretsu Pirates Wiki is a wiki which contains information about Yuichi Sasamoto's Miniskirt Pirates/Mouretsu Pirates series.


The Mouretsu Pirates Wiki is a wiki which contains information about the Mouretsu Pirates anime and its source material, the Miniskirt Pirates light novels by Yuichi Sasamoto, for the purpose of providing information to readers, who may wish to know more about the series. The articles on the wiki cover the characters, ships, locations, organizations, terminology, media etc which are present in the series, for the purpose of conveying this information.


The Mouretsu Pirates Wiki was started in early 2012, around the time when the anime was airing in Japan. The wiki was founded by Stellar rose, who administrated the wiki during its first few months before promoting Inept Wiki User to administrator and leaving the wiki later that year. The wiki has undergone considerable expansion since then, though at the time of writing, only a handful of users have contributed to it and the majority of the edits have been carried out by the administrator.


Main article: Mouretsu Pirates Wiki:Administrators

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