The Murakamimaru (村上丸, Murakamimaru) is a pirate ship, captained by Sumi Kuki. It participated in the battle between the frontier pirates and the Grand Cross.



The Murakamimaru has a standard rocket shape with three fins, similar to the Bentenmaru. The lower two fins are slanted down from horizontal with the upper fin vertical. The bridge is positioned just behind the nose. Towards the rear of the ship, there are two docking bay, located on each side of the ship, and a large engine integrated into the stern. On the edge of each of the three fins is an additional engine with a cone at the front.[1]

Colour SchemeEdit

Murakamimaru - Emblem

The Murakamimaru's pirate emblem

The ship has a dark blue colour scheme with black coloured bands around the hull and teal coloured engine cones [1].

The Murakamimaru's pirate emblem consists of a flag with a red sun and rays over a yellow background with black kanji and a blue/white swordfish on top of it.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Murakamimaru's exact combat capacity isn't known, but presumably it has at least the minimum amount for a vessel to operate as a pirate ship. It is known to possess electronic warfare systems [2].


Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

When the call summoning the frontier pirates was sent out in response to the attacks by the Grand Cross, the Murakamimaru was one of the ships that heeded the summon and headed for the Pirate's Nest [3]. After the Pirate's Council had been held, the Murakamimaru departed with the rest of the pirate fleet to confront the Grand Cross [1].



  • The ship was not properly identified in the series itself, however the identification of the other ships in both the series and supplementary materials [4] allows for the Murakamimaru to be identified.
  • The ship's name is comprised of two elements. The first, Murakami (村上), is a Japanese surname, meaning "upper village". Maru (丸, Circle) is a common suffix applied to Japanese ship names.


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