New Okuhama Airport

Aerial view of the airport

New Okuhama Airport [1][2] (or New Okuhama Spaceport [2]) is the primary airport of New Okuhama City. Ririka Kato works at the airport as an air traffic controller [2].


The airport is located offshore, connected to the mainland by a road along a bridge, leading to the terminal. Aside from the terminal, there are several other buildings located at the edge of the port. The port has at least 3 runways and 3 helipads. There are multiple flood barriers located in the ocean just off the perimeter of the port [3].

New Okuhama Airport - Underground

Underground district

There is an underground district located beneath the airport, where Oyaji-san's restaurant is located [4].

When the relay station becomes very busy to the point of saturation, the airport also shares the burdens of the space traffic control [5].




Security officers at New Okuhama Airport wear a dark blue uniform with a cap [2].


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