New Okuhama City

A riverside street in New Okuhama City

New Okuhama City (新奥浜市, Shin Okuhama-shi) is a city located on the equitorial coast, on the Sea of the Morning Star [1][2].


A river runs through New Okuhama City, as well as several canals [3]. Many of the buildings in New Okuhama City are old-style brick structures [3].

As well as been located on the coast, with nearby roads leading alongside beaches [4], the city is also within sight of several mountains [5].


Recruitment ArcEdit

Shortly after Gonzaemon's death and the foiled kidnapping attempt at Lamp House [3], various factions made an agreement not to interfere with or harm Marika Kato within the bounds of New Okuhama City [6][7].

Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

During the events concerning the search for Professor Mugen's legacy, the Yggdrasil Group carried out a major theft of information from users of New Okuhama City's computer network, using a patch to security software one of their sub-companies had sold extremely cheaply and a worm virus [8]. The group was also taking certain actions to affect their targets' movement within and around the city at this time, much to Chiaki's annoyance, with the Serenity bodyguard being deployed by Catherine on Gruier's behalf in order to counter them [8].


Abyss of Hyperspace - Serenity Guest House

Serenity Guest House


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