Noel Blue (ノエル・ブルー, Noeru Burū) is a bounty hunter licensed by the Galactic Empire.


Light NovelsEdit

Noel has dark purplish black hair with two sections darker than the rest coming down either side of her face. A scar runs horizontally across the top of her nose. Her eye colour is the same as her hair. She is relatively tall. She has a bandana round her neck and wears shoulderpads [1].

Personality and CharacterEdit

Noel is a fairly hard-working and earnest person [1].


Noel grew up on the streets inside the Skull Star, and at some point became a licensed bounty hunter. She has gone back to the Skull Star on several occasions [1].


Skull Star Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

During one of her visits to the Skull Star where she grew up, Noel ran into Marika Kato, who was on a mission from the imperial intelligence division to infiltrate the fortress. The two met when Gruier Serenity, who had stowed away with the infiltration group, was involved in a certain incident. Not long afterwards, Noel requested Marika's assistance in tracking down a bounty holder - Jackie Kelvin, a scammer and cracker whom Marika had crossed paths with before [1].

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

She can carry a class 12 heavy beam gun that was taken from a motor vehicle and customized without much trouble, even though the weapon was not designed for human use [1].


  • Class 12 beam gun: A modified vehicle beam gun scraped from a vehicle, with minimum power output and stripped of its focusing coil. The beam thus spreads out rather quick. It can knock back opponents but not kill them. A good weapon of choice inside a space station, since it is not powerful enough to penetrate the walls. It is custom made by Jyaho Ji [1].
  • Anti armour beam gun of minimum Class 4, probably Class 6, with a scope installed [1].
  • Cold beam gun, with an ultra small inertia controller installed, which can drain energy from particles and freezes the target. Suggested by Marika Kato and prepared by Noel Blue from her arsenal, for use against Jackie Kelvin since he used some kind of method that rendered himself immune to beam fired even by a anti armour beam gun [1].
  • Small Missile Launcher [1]





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