Nora (ノーラ, Nōra) is the Barbaroosa's deputy officer and a Methuselah.



In Abyss of Hyperspace, Nora is a bald woman who wears a robe with long, draping sleeves, pointed robes and an elevated collar, folded over and tied by a belt at the waist with a gun in a holster on the right [1].

Personality & CharacterEdit


Nora has been around longer than the Barbaroosa itself and fought during the War of Independence [2].


Abyss of HyperspaceEdit

Nora was present on the Barbaroosa's bridge when the ship was caught in subspace turbulence, and again when the ship was acting as a booster for the Odette II [3].

Three Ships Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

When the Barbaroosa went to the Garnet A system to investigate a distress signal, supposedly from the Kokuchou, Nora explained to Chiaki about the Stellar Slayer and the last battle of the war. When the ship neared Garnet A, unusual phenomena was observed on the star, which Nora recognised as signs of the activation of the Stellar Slayer. After the crew detected an object above the star's pole corresponding to the Kokuchou, they observed gravitational anomalies gather and then vanish together with the Kokuchou [2].

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Nora is mainly responsible for strategic planning on Barbaroosa, while Captain Kenjo is more specialized in direct tactical command [4].




  • Though the Barbaroosa bridge crew were shown in the anime series, they were not given distinctive designs that identified them as the novel characters until Abyss of Hyperspace.


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