The Pirate's Song (海賊の歌, Kaizoku no Uta) is a song sung by pirates, which also holds the location of the Pirate's Nest [1], acting as a summon when broadcast. Three renditions of the song are included in Mouretsu Pirates OST 3.


When the song is broadcast, data is also transmitted along with it. When picked up by the War of Independence-era communication equipment on the pirate ships, it displays the location of the Pirate's Nest. The song and message act to summon pirates to the Pirate's Nest. For this reason, pirate ships retain their old communication equipment, passing along on instructions not to tamper with them to new crewmembers [1].

The two more recent renditions of the song, broadcast for the battle with the Pirate Hunter, instead contain details regarding the challenge [2].

The equipment and data for broadcasting the song was held by the Legendary Chef and passed on to his five sons, including Oyaji-san and Fei [1].


Japanese Romaji Translation
Give a shout! A battle cry!
We don't take anyone's help,
but if we don't like you, we'll gang up and beat you up.
The drink when we're done is delicious.
The men and the women. The pirates are strong!
Drinking and fighting. A pirate soul!


Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

Following a series of attacks on frontier pirates by the Grand Cross, Chiaki Kurihara contacted Marika Kato on Kenjo Kurihara's behalf, with the intention of forming an alliance between the frontier pirates. In order to summon the pirates to the Pirate's Nest for the Pirate's Council, they required the song known to the Legendary Chef. The two spoke with the chef's son who broadcast the song into space. Several pirate ships answered the summon and made their way to the Pirate's Nest, though several were attacked en route by the pirate hunter [1].

After the Pirate's Council, the frontier pirates broadcast a new rendition of the Pirate's Song, sung by Marika and Chiaki, to Quartz Christie, containing the details regarding the chosen location and time for their confrontation. Quartz answered with her own rendition [2].


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