Port Seruna (ポルト・セルーナ, Poruto Serūna) is the base of the 5th Imperial Fleet. It was one of the supply bases for the 7th Imperial Fleet 120 years ago.


One of the Galactic Empire's largest military bases, Port Seruna is located in the Dark Bay, in-between Orion Arm and Sagittarius Arm. It is located in interstellar space and was chosen for being far from stars and large gravity wells, which makes it easier to perform FTL jumps.

It was built not just to accommodate the 7th fleet, but also to support the constantly upgrading hardware. Although it left the firepower to the 7th fleet, its armour is far greater than even heavy battleship, and its sensor systems is equal to multiple Electronic Warfare battleships working together.

Even though no enemy required the 7th fleet to work as one to combat, Port Seruna was designed to have the ability to command the whole fleet at the same time [1].

It contains not only a military area, but also a civilian area. There is a Palace Hotel in its civilian area and an Empire Bank in its military area, thus some of its military area is also open to public.



Since the location was far from any powerful frontier factions and Stellar Alliances, it was rather simple to build. Large modules were moved to the location and assembled as a station.

Orion Arm Unification War (120 years ago)Edit

During the War of Independence (or the Orion Arm Unification War, as it was known to the rest of the galaxy), Port Seruna was a supply base for the 7th Imperial fleet, and the docked ships in the open area were about 8000, much more than the number in the present time. It was still located outside of the Empire [2].

On Her Majesty's Space PiratesEdit

Days before his 'death', Gonzaemon Kato met with the Galactic Empire's queen, Utolamela Christie, at Port Seruna and was given a tour of the yet-to-be-christened Parabellum as she explained her request of becoming an imperial pirate to him [3].

Wanted Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

After being framed by Rakion, the Bentenmaru crew visited Port Seruna and 'kidnapped' the officer Peter Hogarth. They then took him to Farwinton Borough in order to expose Rakion's actions [4].


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