The Queen Serendipity (クイーン・セレンディピティ, Kuīn Serendipiti) is a Maracot-class battleship [1] and the flagship of the Serenity Defence Forces.


The Queen Serendipity has the standard catamaran design for a Maracot-class battleship.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Queen Serendipity possesses the firepower typical of a Maracot-class ship, with five rotating twin-turrets on each side of the ship. The ship also has a command transmitter able to broadcast to an entire fleet [1].


The Queen Serendipity was manufactured by Blue Inc. and brought into service as the flagship of the Serenity Defence Forces, inheriting the name traditionally held by the flagship.

Golden Ghost Ship ArcEdit

The Queen Serendipity led a small fleet of Serenity ships in Grunhilde Serenity's attempt to find the golden ghost ship. When the ghost ship emerged from subspace, the Queen Serendipity moved to intercept the Bentenmaru, which was also aiming for the ghost ship, and trained its guns on the pirate ship [1].


  • Queen Serendipity is the name passed down to all the flagships of the Serenity Forces, namesakes of the original interstellar ship that carried the ancestors of Serenity [1].


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