Radar (レーダー, Rēdā) (standing for RAdio Detection And Ranging) is an object-detection system that uses wave pulses and their interaction with objects to determine their size, distance, speed and bearing. It is a vital system possessed by nearly all spaceships.


A key system on nearly every spacecraft, radar is used to detect other vessels in a ship's vicinity.

Radar waves are released from an emitter on the exterior of the spacecraft. These waves travel out and interact with objects in the surrounding area. This interaction is detected and used to create a picture of the area around the ship. Different frequencies and scans are used depending on the needs of the ship. The use of radar waves can also alert nearby vessels to a ship's actions (such as scanning an area for enemy ships or preparing to launch an attack [1][2][3]). Radar is also vital in combat for accuracy when firing weapons.

Radar isn't infallible as it is entirely possible to fake radar signatures [1][4] using schematics and mass profiles to construct the ship profile, interfering with the radar waves that return to the receiver, adding noise and compensating for various phenomena such as doppler shift.

Multiple vessels using radar can utilise radar in certain ways in order to increase effectiveness. For example, two or more ships can use radar from two separate locations to scan a certain area - what is known as a 'cross-field' [3]. Ships can also synchronise with radar systems onboard other ships and probes to provide a clearer radar image over a large area and predict possible movements [3][5].



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