Rakion (ラキオン, Rakion), or Corporate Group Rakion (企業連合体ラキオン, Kigyō Rengōtai Rakion) is a union of several relatively new arms manufacturing companies [1].


Rakion came into being fairly recently. The companies comprising it have ties to the Galactic Empire and have constructed several of the warship classes that have recently come into service in the Imperial Navy, such as the Derrflinger-class [1].  Its size comes right after the Big Three military companies.

It is also trying to sell "Designed War" as a product, where it will fully plan out and execute special reasons, like framing a faction for attacking civilian ships by faking battle data, so another faction can start a limited war.


Wanted Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

Rakion were response for a series of incidents, which were aimed at putting the Letter of Marque pirates out of business, since the pirates are unstable elements that make it difficult to do business of designed wars, which they planned to sell as a product to the members of the former Colony Federation.

Three of Rakion's Derrflinger-class cruisers (faked by a number of different armed transport ships) carried out an attack on the transport ship, Maria Forte 85, with their transponders off. The Bentenmaru arrived to help the transport ship, having received the ship's distress signal, but had to retreat as they were outmatched. Rakion then proceeded to frame the pirates for the attack. Around this time, their agents also attempted to seize the control of the Barbaroosa.

They bought Barbaroosa and a fake Letter of Marque from Kenjo Kurihara and used it as an auto target ship in their training session in Farwinton Borough, using 9 armed transport ships to disguise themselves as 4 Derrflinger-class cruisers. The Bentenmaru crew kidnapped an Imperial Fleet military police officer from Port Seruna (with his consent) and travelled to Farwinton Borough to reveal what Rakion was up to. Joined by the Karyoubinga, the pirates faked the Barbaroosa's sinking in order to legally reclaim it through 'salvaging' [1].


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