The Recruitment Arc is the first story arc in the Miniskirt Pirates/Mouretsu Pirates series. Beginning with Marika learning about her father's death and that she is next in line to inherit the Bentenmaru, it covers the events which lead to Marika's decision to become captain and her first days as a space pirate.


Major EventsEdit

  • Marika Kato learns about her father's death and that she is next in line to captain the Bentenmaru [1].
  • Members of the Bentenmaru and Barbaroosa's crew go undercover at Hakuoh Academy to watch over Marika as she is being targeted by people who want to use her [1][2].
  • The Odette II is attacked during a practice cruise by the Lightning 11, but Marika and the yacht club manage to fight them off long enough for help to arrive [2][3][4][5].
  • Marika decides to become captain and begins training to become a pirate [5][6].

Differences in AdaptationEdit

  • The beginning of Marika's first pirate raid occurs at the start of Volume 1 [7] with the events leading up to it being detailed afterwards and the rest of it coming afterwards [8]. In the anime, the raid all occurs in Sailing 6.


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