Ronald Harley (ロナルド・ハーレイ, Ronarudo Hārei) is the captain of the Princess Apricot.


Ronald Harley wears a white captain's uniform with gold lining and buttons, and black epaulettes. He also wears a white shirt with a blue tie and a black rimmed white officer's cap. He has brown hair with a mustache and a goatee beard [1].

Personality & CharacterEdit

Little is known about Ronald Harley's personality, though he seems professional and agreeable.


Ronald Harley's background is largely unknown, other than him becoming a liner captain at some point in the past.


Recruitment ArcEdit

Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

When the Bentenmaru carried out a raid on the Princess Apricot with the Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club substituting for the quarantined Bentenmaru crew, Ronald was informed about the circumstances beforehand by Show and agreed to keep the secret. During the raid, when one of his crew observed how things weren't going quite the same as usual, he jokingly suggested the actual circumstances, though this wasn't taken seriously [1].

Three Ships Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

When the yacht club needed to launch the Odette II quickly and secretly, due to Jackie Kelvin's attempt to claim the ship, Marika Kato contacted Ronald Harley to request his help in concealing their launch. Ronald agreed to help them, requesting another cosplay raid from the yacht club in exchange [2].

Fever Mouretsu Pirates (Game-Only)Edit

During the mission with a raid on the Princess Apricot by the Bentenmaru, Captain Harley confronts Marika in much the same way as Kane did. Declaring it a hundred years too early for pirates to plunder his ship, he draws his sword and engages Marika in a swordfight - the outcome depending on the player [3].

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Captain Harley possesses skills that are required for a liner captain, though the exact degree isn't known. In Fever Mouretsu Pirates, he is shown to be capable of swordfighting [3].




  • Ronald Harley's character design is also used for other liner captains in the anime [4].


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