Self-Destruct (自爆, Jibaku) is the action of destroying oneself, usually referring to when a spaceship is destroyed by its own systems.


Self-destruct systems are installed on certain ships and when activated, destroy the ship, usually by setting off explosions within the interior that cause the vessel to break apart. This is usually done to prevent the vessel from falling into enemy hands.

Grand Cross - Self-Destruct

The Grand Cross self-destructs

During the battle between the frontier pirates and Quartz Christie's three Grand Crosses, when the El Santo came under fire, Witherspoon had his escort ships, acting as decoys, self-destruct in order to surrounded one of the enemy ships with a chaff field. Quartz would later self-destruct her remaining Grand Cross after it was boarded in order to prevent the pirates from gaining control and to destroy the evidence [1].

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  1. Sailing 26

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