Sailing 26 - Master Dragon's Shield

Master Dragon's portable shield

A Shield (シールド, Shīrudo) refers to a construct which is meant to protect something from harm. Shields can be physical or non-physical in their construction. Certain spaceships have shields which project a field that protects the ship from attack.


When an energy shield is activated, it is projected outwards from the target, usually in the form of a spherical field if it is fully enveloping the target. When beams contact the edge of the shield, they are either blocked or deflected around the shield [1][2].

The Grand Cross has a gravity shield derived from the ship's gravity control technology, which is capable of protecting the ship from beams. However it will not last against physical bombardment [2].

Though energy shields and the like are most often used on ships, there are portable versions used by individuals [2][3].



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