The Sinbad (シンドバッド, Shindobaddo) is a pirate ship bearing a Letter of Marque.


Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit


Three Ships Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

The Sinbad was first mentioned by Kenjo Kurihara in Garnet A and again when the Barbaroosa arrived outside of the control zone of Meiya when the Bentenmaru was protecting Odette II from the Chimaera of Skylla and its eight allies, as one of the ships coming to aid with the rescue. After Müller Grant left to gather more forces, the Sinbad arrived along with the other privateer ships and escorted Odette II through the Skyler Route until the seven ships fought with the Pirate Guild's forces, led by the Chimaera of Skylla. Sometime after the battle, the ship received an invitation to the Pirate Guild from Müller Grant [1].



  • The ship's name comes from the character Sinbad the Sailor whose stories are featured in One Thousand and One Nights.


  1. Miniskirt Pirates Volume 7

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