The Southern Island (サザンアイランド, Sazan'airando) was a pirate ship, captained by John. It was destroyed en route to the Pirate's Nest by the Grand Cross.



The Southern Island had a standard rocket shape with four fins, similar to the Bentenmaru. The bridge was positioned shortly behind the nose with several cannon turrets at upper port, upper starboard and underside positions on the hull just behind the bridge. Two docking bays were positioned on either side of the ship, near the rear of the ship, behind the cannons. At the rear of the ship, six large boosters were positioned on the edges of the fins (one on the top and bottom fins, two above and below each other on the end of the side fins) [1].



The Southern Island's bridge had a two-level layout similar to many other ships from the War of Independence, with the captain's seat and two stations on the upper level, and the helm and four other stations on the lower level [1].

Colour SchemeEdit

The Southern Island's hull had a colour scheme consisting of grey and black bands. The Southern Island's emblem consisted of a grinning skull with crossed palm trees below it, over a blue background [1].

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Southern Island's exact combat capacity isn't known, but the ship had several sets of cannons and a certain degree of sensory capacity [1].


Pirate Hunter ArcEdit

When the call summoning the frontier pirates was sent out, the Southern Island was one of the ships that answered the call and headed for the Pirate's Nest. En route however it was intercepted by the Grand Cross. Quickly realising that it was the pirate hunter, the captain ordered all hands to prepare for battle.

A member of the Barbaroosa's crew reported to Kenjo Kurihara that the Southern Island had been lost [1]. The fate of the crew is unknown.



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