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Relay Station

The Sea of the Morning Star Relay Station

A Space Station (宇宙ステーション, Uchū Sutēshon) is a facility located in outer space. They are often used as docks and resupply points for spaceships.


Orbital space stations, such as the Sea of the Morning Star Relay Station are often used as spaceports, for spaceships to dock and resupply, and control points for space traffic in the vicinity [1]. Large space stations may even contain cities, Meiya being one example [2].

They are usually situated in geostationary orbit around a celestial body such as a planet, or at a Lagrange Point, where the gravitational influences from nearby celestial bodies are equal. Some space stations, such as the Sea of the Morning Star Relay Station, may use the hulls of old ships in their construction.


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  1. Sailing 04
  2. Miniskirt Pirates Volume 6

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