The Stellar Slayer (ステラ・スレイヤー, Sutera Sureiyā) is a star-powered weapon developed during the last days of the War of Independence [1].


The Stellar Slayer is a weapon which draws energy from a star and then strikes a target via subspace propagation.


Originally, the Stellar Slayer was developed as an interstellar power network system, where it drew energy from a star and transferred it through subspace. The development of the network was slow as the implications of an accident were huge, which drew the attention to a military use as a powerful weapon that can strike anywhere through subspace. Since a lot of observation has to be done to gather enough data to correctly strike a target, the development of the system was still relatively slow.

During the last days of the War of Independence, the Stellar Alliance developed the Stellar Slayer as their final weapon to defeat the Colony Federation and demonstrate their power to the Galactic Empire. It was developed in the area around the red giant Garnet A.

However, with the Colony Federation pushing forward and the Galactic Empire approaching, the Stellar Alliance decided to use the weapon in a different way from what was originally intended - as a supernova bomb. They planned to use it to detonate Garnet A, destroying any habitable planets within 30 light years and causing heavy damage to anything within 50 light years. The Colony Federation caught wind of their plan and moved to stop them with its privateers. After a battle over Garnet A, the activation of the weapon was stopped.

This might also led the Galactic Empire to action, since it is against the use of supernova bombs.[2]

After the end of the War of Independence, all parties involved in the war signed a treaty against the use of weapons such as the Stellar Slayer and kept the supernova bomb an absolute secret [3]. Some of the parts needed for the weapon were dismantled and salvaged by the privateers which joined the final battle, in order to disarm and hide the system. One of these parts is the monomolecular crystal used for focusing the jets of plasma through subspace, which was attached to Hakuchou as an attempt to hide it [4].


Three Ships Arc (Novel-Only)Edit

When the Barbaroosa went to the Garnet A system to investigate the distress signal received from the Kurotori, they observed unusual phenomena on the star, which Nora recognised as signs of the activation procedure for the Stellar Slayer [5].


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