Suzuka Shiratori (スズカ.シラトリ) was the captain of the Hakuchou during the last days of the War of Independence [1].


Personality & CharacterEdit


Towards the end of the war, in the New calender year 129, December 21, Suzuka (17 at the time) was first mate to Captain Shiratori Kent, her father. Suzuka became captain of the Hakuchou after her father fell ill. A few days after she assumed this position and a few days before the end of the war, the Hakuchou took part in a battle over Garnet A to prevent the activation of the Stellar Slayer [2].


Skills & AbilitiesEdit

As the captain of the Hakuchou, Suzuka likely had a certain degree of the skills that a pirate captain requires, though the exact extent is unknown.





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