The Talbot-class (タルボット級, Tarubotto-kyū) is a battleship class used by the various militaries including the Serenity Defence Forces and Hugh and Dolittle's private fleet.


The Talbot-class has a long blade-like hull, similar to the Corback but longer and with an outward curve near the bow. A line of four gun turrets are positioned on the side near the stern. At the stern are several fin-like engines above and below, leaning outwards slightly.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Talbot-class has four rotating gun turrets on either side of the ship, as well as a certain degree of sensory and electronic warfare capacity.


The exact history of the Talbot's service is mostly unknown, but the ships of this class are operating in several different fleets by the time the series takes place.

Examples of fleets with TalbotsEdit



  1. Sailing 08
  2. Sailing 18

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