Theodore Coolph (セオドア・クールフ, Seodoa Kūrufu) is the father of Junigh Coolph and the Secretary of Interstellar Transportation.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Most of Theodore's personality is unknown, but given the nature of his deals with Robert Dolittle, it can be assumed that he is corrupt.


At some point in the past, Theodore made deals with Robert Dolittle regarding the illegal purchase of weapons [1].


Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

During the incident where Marika Kato and the Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club helped Jenny Dolittle escape from her arranged marriage to Junigh Coolph, Theodore's illegal deals with Robert Dolittle were brought to light [1]. How this affected him and his position isn't seen.


Robert DolittleEdit

It isn't known exactly what Theodore's relationship with Robert Dolittle is, whether it is just on a professional basis or not, but Theodore was willing to make illegal deals with Robert, as well as permitting the marriage of his son to Robert's niece [1].


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