The Ultimate Fairy (アルティメット・フェアリー, Arutimetto Fearī) is a Central Lanes liner which Jenny Dolittle was aboard and escaped from before her arranged wedding with Junigh Coolph.



The liner has a streamlined shape with the hull expanding out sideways towards the rear of the ship. Moving from the bow towards the stern, the elevation and the number of decks on the upper hull increase, until just before a sail/fin and the rear arch.

There is an arch under the ship, just behind the bow with a small swept wing attached to port and starboard sides and a fin underneath. A protrusion is present on the underside of the central hull. Either side of the ship on the upper, central hull, are grooves leading to a cone.

There is a large arch that crosses over the stern from the rear wings. Just before this, behind the top deck is a sail/fin. There is a small forward-swept wing on the ends of the large wings at the rear of the ship. At the stern is a cylindrical engine with a glowing ring at its end.

Colour SchemeEdit

The outside of the liner is primarily light blue with white on the underside and the edges of the wings. A red strip separates the blue and white near the underside. There is a range of colours for the windows; grey/white, purple, yellow and red. The engine has a purple hue.


Hakuoh Pirates ArcEdit

The Ultimate Fairy was heading for Diment with Jenny Dolittle onboard, prior to her arranged marriange with Junigh Coolph. Not wanting to marry, Jenny had been in contact with Lynn Lambretta on the Bentenmaru, planning to have them perform a pick-up disguised as a kidnapping. However when several of her uncle's men confronted her, she ended up having to make her own escape, shooting her way through to a Silent Whisper she had prepared beforehand and escaping from the liner to the Bentenmaru [2].


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