Several months have passed, there's still a lot of stuff to do on the wiki, and it is steadily increasing - it seems unlikely that it will all be done by the time of the movie's home release. At least, there is a new background ready for when that time comes (many thanks to Miyanlove of the Logo Creation Wiki for making it).

As for the series, Abyss of Hyperspace has been released and it seems to have been received reasonably well from what I've come across, though the full picture is still unclear. Various pieces of information concerning it have surfaced, though none of it beyond the intro will be added to the wiki until the movie's home release in Japan. The first volume of the movie's manga and the Akiman Design Works have also been released, and various collaborations have occurred. One last stage event concerning the series has also been held (supposedly the last for real this time), and the series itself is being repeated, presumably leading up to the movie's home release.

One of the collaboration projects was the pachi-games machine collab with Sankyo-Fever, Fever Mouretsu Pirates, featuring a few new animated scenes, which are reasonably nice. However, there is one bit in particular which I'm a bit curious about - a screen similar to a scene in the opening sequence with Captain Marika looking up at the sky and the Bentenmaru rising behind her, and with it, an announcement by Marika about an incoming Galaxy Episode. I haven't yet found more information about what this Galaxy Episode might be, though I'm curious to find out what it is (though I'm not getting my hopes up much).

EDIT: I was right not to get my hopes up - it's just a certain game mode. There have been a few updates on the site which have answered a few minor questions though.

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