Log Entry - 20/06/2013

I thought I might try something different for a change, though I don't imagine this will become a regular thing (I'm not good at writing blog posts).

Construction work on the wiki has been going on for months now and is still ongoing - the list of stuff to do is still as large as ever. Earlier this month, the wiki got a logo - thanks to DinoKev of the Logo Creation Wiki. As the wiki's current structure and layout is reasonably sufficient, I intend to focus on making sure that most of the articles are shipshape content wise before tackling structural and layout issues (though a certain someone seems keen to make such changes sooner).

I do wonder though whether everything will be done by the time the movie comes out (even though it is eight months away), given my current rate of progress (or lack thereof (sorry) - it's a good thing there is at least one other active contributor, otherwise things most likely wouldn't be ready by that time). It's a pity this wiki doesn't have more active contributors - a little help would certainly be much appreciated.

As for the movie itself, there hasn't been any further information since the release date was announced in March and not much indication of when further information will be released. The official news site has been fairly quiet with very few posts in the past couple of months. Volume 10 however is a slightly different story, with information known and the book itself being released in Japan today. From what is known of it, it seems like it will be fairly interesting, with the yacht club getting involved in a time slip incident.

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