Utolamela Christie is the current Queen of the Galactic Empire and mother of Quartz Christie, first appearing in the short story On Her Majesty's Space Pirates [1].


Utolamela has golden eyes, like her daughter Quartz [1].

Personality & CharacterEdit

Utolamela is a person who recognizes the need for one's conviction and decision. She is also aware that in a vast universe, one cannot be complacent. She has slight tendency for the dramatic, given her declaration of the Parabellum's name and her choice of title for the ship (Gonzaemon remarked that she has terrible naming sense) [1].

According to her, she wasn't as ignorant or cheeky as her daughter Quartz during her Grand Tour (though Gonzaemon's reaction suggests otherwise) [1].


As traditional among members of the imperial royal family, Utolamela once embarked on a Grand Tour across space. During this tour, she first meet Gonzaemon Kato, captain of the Bentenmaru [1].

Utolamela's daughter Quartz was apparently born at some time around the time that Gonzaemon and Ririka's daughter Marika was born [1].


On Her Majesty's Space PiratesEdit

A few days before his 'death', Gonzaemon Kato met with Utolamela at Port Seruna and was given a tour of the yet-to-be-christened Parabellum as the queen explained her request to him and her reasons behind it. She also asked him to look after her daughter [1].

At the end of their conversation, Utolamela declared the ship's name and title, leading Gonzaemon to remark on her naming sense [1].

Pirate Hunter Arc (Anime-Only)Edit

On Utolamela's orders, Ironbeard retrieved Quartz from the Pirate's Nest [2].


Gonzaemon KatoEdit

Utolamela first met with Gonzaemon during her Grand Tour. Utolamela trusted Gonzaemon enough to ask him to look out for her daughter, as well as request/offer him a place as an imperial pirate. During her meeting, she insisted that Gonzaemon just call her Lamela. Gonzaemon was willing to accept her request and fake his death to become the imperial pirate Ironbeard, though he doesn't think much of her naming sense [1].

Quartz ChristieEdit

Though she cares for her daughter, Utolamela has wondered if she went wrong in raising her, given her daughter's attitude [1].


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