The Wanted Arc is a story arc in the Miniskirt Pirates light novel series.


Major EventsEdit

  • The Bentenmaru comes to the aid of a transport ship under fire from three warships, but is framed for the attack [1].
  • Gruier Serenity arranges for the Bentenmaru crew to stay on Serenity (under a pretense), while they gather information on their enemy [2].
  • Chiaki and Kenjo Kurihara meet them there following an attempt to seize control of the Barbaroosa.
  • Rakion - a group of new companies with ties to the Galactic Empire is revealed to be the perpetrators, attempting to put pirates out of business.
  • Things conclude with a battle with the enemy ships, during which heavy damage to the Barbaroosa was faked in order to legally "salvage" the ship [3].


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