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Yūichi Sasamoto (笹本 祐一, Sasamoto Yūichi) is an award-winning Japanese sci-fi writer and the author of the Miniskirt Pirates novels.


Yuichi Sasamoto's debut work was Yosei Sakusen, which was released in 1984.

Known in Japan as the first light novel writer with his ARIEL series. He is also a rocket enthusiast and together with a few other sci-fi novelists and mangaka, founded a group that successfully launched a rocket to orbit.

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Major WorksEdit

  • Yosei Sakusen (妖精作戦, Yōsei Sakusen, Fairy Strategy) (1984)
  • ARIEL (ARIEL, Eriaru) (1986-2004)
  • Hoshi no Pilot (星のパイロット, Hoshi no Pairotto, Pilot of the Stars)
  • Komusume Overdrive (小娘オーバードライブ, Komusume Ōbādoraibu, Little Girl Overdrive)
  • Hoshikara Kita Mono (ほしからきたもの, Hoshikara Kita Mono, Those that came from the Stars)
  • Miniskirt Space Pirates (ミニスカ宇宙海賊, Minisuka Uchū Kaizoku) (2008)




  • Password to Space (宇宙へのパスポート, Uchū e no Pasupōto, alt. Passport to the Universe) (2002, 2003, 2006)
  • Showa Rocket Shop (昭和のロケット屋さん, Shōwa no Roketto-ya-san)


  • 1999: 30th Seiun Awards, Full-Length Novel (Japanese), Hoshi no Pilot 2 [1]
  • 2003: 34th Seiun Awards, Non-Fiction, Passport to the Universe [1]
  • 2004: 35th Seiun Awards, Non-Fiction, Passport to the Universe 2 [1]
  • 2005: 36th Seiun Awards, Full-Length Novel (Japanese), ARIEL [1]
  • 2007: 38th Seiun Awards, Non-Fiction, Passport to the Universe 3 [1]
  • 2013: 44th Seiun Awards, Media, Mouretsu Pirates [1]

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